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The Stars


Houdini's readings are fun, detailed and very insightful! He's able to use multiple astrological systems in a simple way that's easy to understand yet blows your mind and potentially changes your life. 

Love and Marriag
Couple embracing

Connection & Compatibility

Find out if you & your love interest, partner, boyfriend/girlfriend, partner or spouse are soul mates, mind mates, physical partners, a combination of the two, the whole package, mind, body & soulmates or neither of the three & if that’s the case, what does bring you two together, for better or for “worse.” Find out what your minds, bodies & souls are learning & gaining from being with each other.

Relationship Reading
Person moon and star gazing

Solo Transformational Reading

We’ll go over your past & present to discover together what has been & is in your way towards reaching your goals & desires! We’ll also use astrology, numerology, Human Design, Intuition & Energy Tantra to look at your strengths, skills, talents & challenges!

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