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Let the stars find your match

Guidance and Support in these Areas: 
Couple embracing
Person moon and star gazing
A zodiac chart

Personal consultations using astrology and esoteric arts.

Hello and greetings, I’m Houdini, an astrologer with over 10 years experience in reading individual and relationship charts. Together, using various astrology tools, I aid clients in discovering patterns and potentials, offering useful strategies to manifest their desires and life ambitions. 


Since 2011, I have been giving consultations, building a client base and conducting research which has lead to the production and study of over 6,500 charts. 

It is through this research that I discovered both a passion for matchmaking and my unique approach, a combination of ancient Eastern and modern Western techniques.

My technique encompasses a combination of astrological and numerological systems. In addition, I use the Human Design System to compliment my consultations. Having a passion for relationship astrology, I support my clients  to recognise their emotional and intimacy needs, empowering them to have better relationships and attract more compatible partnerships.


I see astrology as a cosmic map providing guidance, which when used effectively, can greatly enhance an individual’s experience of this lifetime. The moment I realised this, I knew I had found my purpose - to guide others along their journey. If this resonates, contact me and we can arrange a pre-consultation.


Houdini is super intuitive, remarkably present and non-judgmental. 

He has a BIG heart and women just melt all their

troubles away when they confide in him. 

I highly recommend him as a world-class relationship coach.”

Lesley Tavernier, Relationship & Intimacy Coach

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